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Our Promise

Our mission is to empower people to move freely and comfortably so a healthy and happy lifestyle can last a lifetime. We are committed to this through the products we create, our diverse communities of athletes, ambassadors, and employees, and working in collaboration with our strategic partners and alliances. Every decision we make is driven by our core values of improving health through exercise, preservation of natural places, supporting our communities, and sharing kindness.


Early on, Topo became a member of The Conservation Alliance and each year we donate a portion our sales on Earth Day to the organization. TCA is leading the charge on wildlife and public land preservation and helps companies like us stay informed and engaged in the protection of wild places.

Our products are simple, by intention. Reduced materials and fewer manufacturing steps result in more natural-feeling footwear and less impact on our environment. We don't add features unless they are 100% necessary.

We strive to make an impact through responsible office practices: like being nearly paperless, using non-chemical dish soaps and cleaners, and reducing waste by recycling and upcycling all products and packaging materials.


The greatest way to stay connected to the world is to remain present and engaged with our local community.

Whether we’re donating shoes to Back on My Feet or standing up against injustice and inequality by partnering with In Solidarity and Camber Outdoors, Topo and our employees are actively engaged in being a positive presence nationally and within our local community.


We respect the values of our team members, from our corporate employees, to our manufacturing and retail partners. Everyone's input is valued and considered, and there is no job too small for any one of us here at Topo HQ. It is because of each of these team members that our business continues to grow and succeed