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Lightweight, fast and comfortable

A range of women's road shoes that offer a wide toe box and a range of heel-to-toe drops to help encourage a natural running style that suits you.

Why choose Topo?

Lightweight road running shoes

Lighter running shoes help you feel more efficient and comfortable resulting in a more enjoyable experience. Our ultralight materials and seam-reducing construction techniques help reduce weight and keep blisters at bay – not to mention that Topo make one of the lightest waterproof trail running shoes available.

Wide fit running shoes for women

A wide toe box provides room for the foot to function naturally as the toes can spread and splay to provide natural stability and comfort. This is assisted by a snug fit through the midfoot and heel to prevent the sloppy feeling often associated with other wider fitting running shoes. This can be important for women with wider feet as historically women’s running shoes have been manufactured to a narrower fit.

Low Drop / Zero Drop

Topo cushioned platforms are designed around a heel-to-toe drop of 0mm to 5mm to assist the natural loading and distribution of weight as the foot hits the ground during the gait cycle. Low drop (or zero drop) running shoes create a platform closer to what might be experienced in barefoot running allowing runners the opportunity to be more efficient and reduce injury, especially when combined with a wide toe box.

Natural & Barefoot Running

What is natural running? As we explain in the link there’s not a single definition of ‘natural running’ as everyone will have their own interpretation. Topo set out to make the best natural running shoes possible with an approach to help runners move better, naturally. If you consider the human body as a system starting with the bare foot, then a barefoot running shoe is the starting point for Topo to let your foot be a foot, whilst providing comfort and protection.

Cushioned running shoes for heavy runners

Runners come in all shapes and sizes and cushioned running shoes can benefit heavy runners (and indeed, all running styles) by helping reduce fatigue over longer distances. The additional cushioning Topo provides can assist new runners looking to improve their fitness as well as provide comfort to experienced runners, whether building training miles or racing long distances on varying terrain.

Vegan friendly

A vegan diet and lifestyle are becoming an increasingly popular choice for runners and ALL Topo running shoes are vegan friendly and free from animal-derived products and not tested on animals. Topo are proud to be leading the way by making some of the very best vegan road and trail running shoes available today.

With some of our top athletes following a Vegan diet and lifestyle, it is important that our shoes are free from using animal or latex products in their construction. The only non-Vegan model in the range is the Rekovr recovery shoe, which is made using an ethically sourced wool/poly blend.

Trainers for running and gym

Cross-training is an important part of run training and the ST-3 is an unbeatable shoe for combining a running schedule with gym strength work or indoor treadmill sessions.