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If you have specific fit questions, we have a specialist dealer network in the UK who can guide you through our product offerings to find something that works best for you.

All Topos are designed with the same distinctive fit – secure through the heel and mid-foot with a roomy toe box. Every model has been designed with a unique function in mind, and as such, may offer a different fit and feel. We would encourage you to check out our style guide on specific shoe pages for more information on the differences between our models.

Topos are ergonomically designed to follow the natural shape of the foot – secure through the mid-foot and heel, with plenty of room for the toes to spread. Topos run true to size so you can be assured of an accurate fit.

Orders / Returns / Exchanges

We are pretty confident you’ll love the fit of our shoes, but if the fit just isn’t right they can be returned within 30 days provided they are returned in the same condition you received them in.

For all products purchased directly from, please refer to our Returns Policy.

Please refer to our Returns Policy.

For items purchased at a retail location, please return the product and packaging in good condition to the point of purchase (with receipt) within 30 days for replacement or refund.

If you have purchased a defective product through one of our authorised dealers, please contact them for a replacement.

If you have purchased a defective product from, please refer to our Return Policy.

Please note – sometimes shoes break down after high mileage and usage. If our Customer Service team determines, in its sole discretion, that your issue is just normal wear and tear, a replacement pair will not be sent. Discontinued product may also not be eligible for a replacement pair.

General Enquiries

Anyone who has tried Topo Athletic knows that our shoes follow the natural shape of the foot: plenty of room for the toes to spread and a secure mid-foot and heel. If you require additional fit adjustments, alternate lacing allows you to customize to your unique foot type. Check out our recommended lacing options here.

All Topo models are designed with little or no heel-to-toe drop. We believe that this encourages proper loading and weight distribution during the gait cycle, resulting in a more natural, efficient stride. This does not mean that you have to change the way you run. However, we believe that all runners can benefit from natural running form, regardless of footwear. This means: running in a way that emphasizes tall posture, loading under your centre of gravity, and slightly leaning at the ankles.

Of course there’s more to it than that! That is why we partnered with a premier resource for running form and mechanics called ACU Running. Click the link to check out how ACU-Running could make a serious positive impact on your running! This page contains videos detailing everything from common running form failures and how to correct them, to detailed instructions on specific exercises that will help you improve your running form.

We do not use any latex or animal products as materials or adhesives for our Vegan models. The Rekovr is our only non-Vegan model, made using an ethically sourced wool/poly blend.

We offer a single waterproof shoe at this time. The Hydroventure is our first ever waterproof trail running shoe, which we released in early 2016. Using eVent fabrics DVdryLT, our team engineered the lightest waterproof trail running shoe on the market today! All other Topos are designed to be lightweight and breathable, using airy mesh materials that are not waterproof.

Do not machine wash or dry. Remove insoles and laces and use a damp sponge and mild soap or detergent to remove any mud and dirt. Rinse with warm water and air dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Extreme, direct heat can cause bonding agents to fail or materials to lose their functional properties.