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  • The MT-5

    Built for use on mild to moderate terrain,
    designed to easily transition from trail to road


    A high cushion, zero drop trail runner designed for use on technical terrain


    Headed to the trail for the long haul?
    Conquer even the toughest of trails with ease.

  • Discover our lightest and fastest shoe ever

    The new upper features an airy mesh for excellent breathability,
    with a fit so light and secure it disappears around the foot as you move.

Move Better™

Topo Athletic is committed to lifelong health and better movement. We make products that help you keep going, keep trying, keep moving. Sure, we celebrate the victors and record setters, but we build our products for those who get out there every day regardless of weather, speed, energy, or mood. We know the real victory lies in being able to move freely and comfortably again tomorrow.